JC’s Hope

Author: Joyce Byers Hill
Series: A Place Called Hope, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance
Publisher: Lilac Hill Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9798989857043

JC Harmon thought his dream of opening a youth center died when he was nearly killed in a horrific car accident. The fact he survived at all was nothing short of a miracle. He had always wanted to help troubled kids. Even with the support of his entire family, would he be able to run a youth center? Would he be able to find ways to reach kids who needed help, but had nowhere to turn? Before the accident, music was a large part of his life. Would he ever be able to play the piano or compose music again?

Life had never been easy for Amy Phoenix and her younger brother Matthew, but he meant the world to her, and she would do whatever was necessary to protect him. When she heard about a new youth center opening in town, would that be the answer she was looking for? Would that be a way to keep Matt safe and off the streets?

JC’s Hope is a story of God’s healing power. It’s a story of seeing ourselves and our potential the way God sees us. Without setting limits on ourselves, we can overcome life’s challenges and make our dreams come true.

Reader Reviews

JC’s Hope is an inspiring story of a young man rebuilding his life after nearly losing it, then using that gift of more time to help others. Amy is the epitome of what a big sister should be, putting her all into keeping her little brother safe, even from those who should be protecting him from the world. The author does a wonderful job helping you empathize with the experiences of her characters, and you find yourself rooting for even the least lovable among them. The descriptions are impeccable, and the dialogue feels very real. Highly recommend – five stars!”
~ Chereé ~

“I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up until 2am to finish it!”
~ Jean ~

“If, like me, you enjoy a book series that depicts one generation to the next, you will enjoy JC’s Hope (which follows Diamond in the Rough). This heart-warming series has relatable characters who represent normal, flawed, loving, Christian families. The author’s descriptive writing style makes the reader feel like they know the characters in the story as you share in their sadness and their joy. The characters are fictional but are created as realistic people and as such, A Place Called Hope reminds us of all the good people in small communities everywhere. Thank you for the uplifting stories!”
~ Nancy ~

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